Non-NHS Services

Please note: All patients must be charged

We respectfully ask that payment for non-NHS work is in advance of the completion of the work.

If you are travelling please complete the Pre-travel assessment form after speaking with our Nurses PA.

Non NHS forms

Private letter/ Certificates/ Forms £30.00
Power of attorney mental capacity signature £60.00
Medical reports requested from private companies £60.00
Firearms certificate £50.00


All private medical examinations £100.00
Failure to attend medical £30.00

Private Consultations/Diagnostic tests

Some private consultations or tests are available on request.

All of the above require payment before being completed.

These and other additional services are currently either negotiable rates (practice set) or in line with BMA Recommended rates.

Please call Elaine Hughes regarding any charges not listed.

Why do some GPS charge fees?

Your questions answered

Travel Clinic

Welcome to Friarsgate Travel Clinic. Our team are here to help you with all your travel health needs including:

Pre-travel health assessments

Wherever you are travelling to in the world we will conduct a travel risk assessment based on your itinerary and take into account any existing medical conditions before advising on vaccines/medication, tailored to your individual needs.

To arrange your assessment, please download the form below, fill it in and email it to

Download a Travel Risk assessment form

Travel vaccinations and prescriptions

Many vaccinations and Malaria tablets can be taken at the last minute although for longer trips to remote areas we recommend you book an appointment 6-8 weeks in advance.

Please contact our reception team to book an appointment on 01962 871730.
(You will be asked your travel destination at time of booking.)

* Some vaccinations will incur a charge:

Travel Shop Vaccine Costs

Type of Immunisation Product Course Cost to Patient Reg
Cholera  Dukoral Single  NHS VACCINE
Cholera (Booster – per dose) Single  NHS VACCINE
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio Revaxis Single  NHS VACCINE
Hepatitis A (adult and child) Epaxal Single  NHS VACCINE
 Hepatitis A and B (adult) Twinrix Course  NHS VACCINE
Hepatitis A and B (adult) Twinrix Single  NHS VACCINE
Hepatitis A and B (Paed) Ambirix Course  NHS VACCINE
Hepatitis A and B (Paed) Ambirix Single  NHS VACCINE
Hepatitis A and Typhoid Viatim and Hepatyrix Single  NHS VACCINE
Typhoid Typhim Single NHS VACCINE


You can now purchase the following items for holidays abroad from our reception team:

Hepatitis B Vacc per course x3 £120.00
Hep B single Vacc £40.00
Swine Flu (Travel) £15.00
Tickborne Encephalitis Course x3 £225.00
Tickborne Encephalitis x 1 £75.00
Rabies Vaccination Course x 3 £225.00
Rabies x 1 £75.00
Japanese Encephalitis Course x 2 £190.00
Japanese Encephalitis x 1 £95.00
Yellow Fever Vacc/Admin & Certificate £75.00
Replacement Yellow Fever Cert £10.00
MenACWY (patients older than 25 years of age)                                          £55.00