COVID-19 Vaccine Update 31.3.21

COVID-19 Vaccine update

Nearly 29 million people in the UK have now received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the latest data report shows that as of 25 March nearly 27 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been given in England.

There will be a reduction of supply of COVID-19 vaccinations from next week for about four weeks due to reductions in national inbound vaccines supply.
We are told that this should not impact the delivery of second doses.
Vaccinations sites are still encouraged to continue their efforts in maximising uptake in cohorts 1- 9 which are yet to be vaccinated and second doses.
We are still waiting on a statement from JCVI on details relating to the next phase of vaccination for groups 10-12. We are reliant on this advice and supply of vaccine, please do not contact us querying when your vaccination is due.

We have now invited or vaccinated everybody eligible in cohort 1-9 for their first dose.
If you fall into one of these cohorts & have not been vaccinated, please contact us to get booked in.

Second Doses
We are inviting patients for their second vaccine based on when they had their first vaccine.
As always, please do NOT call the practice to query when your vaccination will be. We will invite patients as soon as we are able to but due to vaccine supply this may be at short notice.
We have been assured vaccines have been reserved for second doses within the 12 week period, however we have been informed it will not be before a 10 week gap.

For information on the cohorts please click here;
Thank you for your understanding at this unprecedented time. Please continue to stay safe.