Adult Flu Clinics

Initial text invites will be going out to patients shortly to book in for their annual flu vaccines.
These messages will give details of how to book for your flu vaccine, our preferred method is via Patient Access or the NHS APP.
Due to current issues with self-isolating & our services being unprecedentedly busy, using the online booking system will mean less time waiting on the phone and clear our main lines for more urgent calls and, so we request all patients use this system, where possible.
If you are unable to use the automated system, then please ensure that you call after 2PM to book your appointment.
Those eligible for NHS influenza vaccination in 2021 to 2022 are:
-Those aged 6 months to under 50 years in clinical risk groups.
-pregnant women
-those aged 50 years and over
-those in long-stay residential care homes
-close contacts of immunocompromised individuals
-frontline health and social care staff

We have weekday flu clinics scheduled throughout September & October, with the addition of the following Saturday clinics;
*Saturday 25th September
*Saturday 9th October

Please make sure you wear a face covering when you come for your flu jab.
Please make sure you wear a short sleeved shirt or top and that your outer clothing can be easily removed. We will need to access the very top of your arm in order to administer the vaccine and anything you can do to make that easier would be very much appreciated.

Please spread the word to your friends, family & neighbours who are registered with us, so that they can get their flu vaccine booked.